LCRA (1)

In the depths of our core values lies an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), which finds its most poignant expression in our heartfelt partnership with Life Care Regeneration Association. This remarkable rehabilitation center dedicates itself to providing invaluable free medical care and rehabilitation services to the often-neglected sector of our beloved city.

United in purpose, we strive to empower individuals with disabilities to not merely survive but to truly thrive. Our joint efforts encompass a range of initiatives that touch lives and sow seeds of hope:

Free Surgeries: We extend the gift of hope through an array of cost-free surgeries, ranging from delicate eye procedures to life-saving open-heart interventions, cancer treatments, and kidney care.

Free Medicines and Medical Treatment: We ensure that those grappling with disabilities and financial constraints receive essential medicines and medical attention without any burden of cost.

Awareness Camps: With an ardent zeal to enlighten society, we organize awareness camps that educate and sensitize people about disabilities and the unique healthcare needs of this precious community.

Free Rehabilitation Equipment: We embrace the mission of enhancing mobility and independence by providing free rehabilitation equipment, including wheelchairs, specialized bicycles and tricycles, AFOs, gaiters, walkers, hearing aids, symbol boards, blind sticks, and essential educational stationery for physically challenged individuals.

Free Medical Checkup Camps: In our unyielding commitment to holistic well-being, we orchestrate complimentary medical checkup camps, specifically tailored to cater to the healthcare needs of people with disabilities.

Home Care for the Elderly and Orphaned Children: As compassionate caregivers, we extend our loving support to elderly individuals and orphaned children with disabilities, ensuring a nurturing environment that fosters their physical and emotional growth.

Employment and Vocational Opportunities: We wholeheartedly embrace the vision of a more inclusive society by facilitating employment and vocational opportunities for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to realize their potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

Special Training Courses: In our pursuit of uplifting the underprivileged female population, we offer specialized training courses, fostering skills and empowerment.

Our profound belief is that every individual, regardless of their disability, deserves the chance to lead a life of health and fulfillment. Embracing this conviction, we stand firmly united with the Life Care Regeneration Association, working tirelessly to sow the seeds of change and to help every individual with a disability blossom and flourish, knowing that together, we can build a more compassionate and equitable world.